8.00"x2.00" bronze, marble, stain glass, gallery wrap


Description of Hall of Judgment

Wisdom, power, the rule of the land, the fate of man, are decided and dispensed from this seat of power – may all who seek guidance tremble in awe.
Hall of Judgment is made out of bronze and stands on a custom handmade marble base. My first four dimensional piece, Hall of Judgment features Intricate detailing, each shaped by hand and set. A door, twelve windows and two stained glass sky lights offer a view of the interior. Take a peek Inside wear you will find the thrown of power set behind a table with a raised border. A scroll rests upon the table half unfurled and trailing down on to the cobble stone floor; hand-gathered draperies adorn the walls. Hall of Judgment measures 8×3 inches and weighs 3 LBS 9.5 OZ.